About Us

Home James Property was founded by James Brisbane and James Percy after struggling to find the best fit to manage their investments in Auckland. Their vision for property management in New Zealand is a digital based, regulated industry with a focus on people, both property owners and tenants. 

Here at Home James, we believe technology ensures we get the most efficient and effective results for our clients. Both owners and tenants will have access to a personalised online property portal, which makes accessing information quick and easy. This also minimises the requirement for paper-based documentation. 

We believe that the property management market would benefit from an increase in regulation.

For this reason, we are members of REINZ and all our property managers in Auckland and Wellington have undergone or are undergoing a Level 4 Property Management Course. Our membership with REINZ also provides continuous ongoing training and support to ensure we are always on top of the law and the industry’s regular changes.

Our Core Values

People are at the core of everything we do. Whether it be staff, owners, tenants or contractors, we strive to develop meaningful relationships with all parties. Our business is centred around people, and having the right people in the right places is the key to our success. We maintain constant development and training for all our staff, and we aim to make sure we have the best property managers in the industry. We are also very selective with suppliers to make sure we have the right people conducting the right jobs.

As the industry becomes more and more regulated, our pragmatic approach to property management is crucial to achieving successful results. We are experts at the legal framework, we take a practical and no-nonsense approach to dealing with all aspects of our business, and we surround ourselves with pragmatic people. By doing this we achieve great results in a timely manner.

We believe that we wouldn’t be being pragmatic if we didn’t admit we wanted our business and our people to perform. The better the business performs, the better the service we provide is. This is why it’s one of our core values, albeit the last one. If we focus on people and pragmatism, we should get performance. However, accountability in this area is crucial. We are always open and honest with our KPIs and expect our customers to hold us accountable to achieving industry-leading performance.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident you will enjoy being a customer of Home James Property Management that we offer a six-month money back guarantee – one of the longest in the industry. This means, if you are not fully happy with all aspects of our service in the first six months, we will allow you to break your contract with no breakage fee, and we’ll also pay you back all the management fees we’ve collected over those six months.

This is only available for customers who are unhappy with the provided services. It is only valid for management base fee and excludes letting fees, cost reimbursements, advertising and all other associated fees and costs. It is also not available to people who list their property for sale within six months of the contract ending. For a full list of T&Cs please get in touch. Get in-touch to learn more about Home James Property Management.

Spare The Hassle

If you would like assistance with your property, or are looking for a new home, drop us a line and we will be in touch to discuss how to best assist you. We cater to everyone from established residential property investors, first time owners, to people looking for their next home. We believe we are facilitators in matching the right people to the right property.

We partner with the best in the business to ensure we provide great service with 100% compliance. 

See our full list of the services we offer here at Home James Property Management.
Get in-touch to find out more about Home James Property Management. 

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