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Code of Practice for Residential Property Management

Introduction The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) is a voluntary organisation representing practitioners in the real estate industry. REINZ and its Members are committed to developing and enhancing the real estate industry by providing excellence in customer care and upholding standards of practice that are open, ethical and honest. All Property Management Agency Members of REINZ (Agency Members) agree to support this objective by abiding by these principles in all dealings with their […]

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How clean is reasonably clean?

When it comes to a property being presented to a new tenant, or a tenant vacating a property it is a legislative requirement the property be ‘reasonably clean’. So what is ‘reasonable’? This term is hard to define but can be seen as what a reasonable person would agree as being generally clean. We find the members who oversee tribunal hearings have differing opinions when presented with a cleaning dispute and also differing moods, so […]

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