Renting a house in Auckland for the first time? As a first-time renter is it important to go into the rental agreement aware of your obligations and, ready for any potential issues that may arise. This blog explores some tips to avoid making common mistakes of first-time renters. 

Set A Budget 

It is possible for first-time renters to not properly work out their finances before entering a rental agreement. For this reason, renters need to set a realistic budget for their bills, including rent, insurance and utility bills. On top of this, there are a range of other expenses which come with moving into a rental property, including paying for furniture, moving transport, decorating and kitchen appliances. These start-up costs can easily add up and make the first couple of months of the tenancy extremely expensive. This is why it is useful to set up a budget plan before entering a rental agreement to avoid putting yourself under financial stress. 

Read The Tenancy Agreement Properly 

As a new tenant, you need to read through the tenancy agreement carefully, making sure to understand all of your rights and obligations as a first-time renter. It is a common mistake of first-time renters to skim through the tenancy agreement and miss important aspects that could cause issues further down the line. You should check for any hidden fees that you may not be expecting. It is also useful to check about eviction notices because your landlord should not be able to evict you at a random time, usually, they have to give a required notice period. Your landlord should provide you with a physical or digital copy of the contract. It is critical that you keep hold of your own copy for future reference. 

Always Take Pictures When You Move In

When you move in, you shouldn’t ignore any existing damage.. This is why it is important to take pictures when you move in to use them as evidence later if required. You should even take photos of your electricity and gas meters and their readings. 

Renting a house in Auckland for the first time? As a first-time renter, it can be easy to make these common mistakes. Here at Home James Property Management, we spend the time to make sure tenants completely understand their obligation under the agreement, so as to avoid any confusion. Offering tenant support through our property managers is a key role and if you have any issues or would like an explanation of something that you don’t understand, please feel free to get in touch anytime and we will do our best to assist you.

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