Have you bought an Auckland home you are now eager to let out to tenants? A rental property management company would be able to help you ensure you get a strong return on your investment. Here are insights into major services available from our own Home James Property Management.

Acquiring Tenants 

We can advertise your Auckland property in a bespoke manner to attract potential tenants. We can subsequently build up a database of these before filtering them to determine the highest quality one for the home. We know from experience how to distinguish good tenants from the not-so-good ones.

Collecting Rent 

For landlords across Auckland, we do this efficiently by gathering rent into an ANZ trust account before using cloud software to process billing. Each of these landlords is notified when the fortnightly or monthly rent is paid into their bank account.

Keeping Landlords Compliant with Legislation 

A raft of legislation that has recently been introduced for buy-to-let property investors to follow. Fortunately, we can make sure that you, as a landlord, avoid inadvertently violating any of these rules.

Arranging Maintenance of the Property

When someone is living in the property, things are bound to go wrong with it from time to time. Perhaps the boiler will inexplicably break down, or rainy weather will see an upstairs ceiling start leaking, evidencing damage to the roof. 

If you trust us with managing this rental property on your behalf, we will be able to send the right type of professional — whether that is a plumber, roofer, electrician or someone else — over at the right time.

Inspecting the Home

Naturally, you will want it to be handed back to you in the same condition you left it in. For this reason, we are dedicated to inspecting a rental property both when a tenant has agreed to move into it and after that same tenant has vacated it. 

If you are keen on making money from an Auckland rental home but know you would lack enough time to handle many of a landlord’s typical duties, rest assured that our rental property management company can come to your rescue. Why not email [email protected] to find out more?

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