Are you thinking about hiring a property manager for your residential rental property? Perhaps you are unsure of whether property managers are the right solution for your needs, or maybe you are simply wondering how they can help. If so, Home James Property Management and our property management services can assist.

In fact, if you are interested in learning more about the role and responsibilities of property managers, you have come to the right place. Let’s explore a day in the life of successful property managers.

Starting Their Day

Property managers will start their day early, and will start with liaising with tenants to discuss any issues, concerns, and/or for inspections of your property. This can include flagging up problems and raising work orders, such as repairs or maintenance.

Please keep in mind that each day is likely to be different, as there could be problems (or no problems) to wake up to as a property manager! In the morning, you can expect a property manager to be busy with returning phone calls, emails, and more – from tenants, property owners/landlords, and service providers (such as a maintenance team)


More often than not, being a property manager means that they will have to visit their managed properties frequently – from inspections to meeting new tenants, which leads to a lot of travelling involved in the job. As a result, being a property manager means that time is often split between the office and at the various properties that they oversee.

A day in the life of a property manager is never boring, and being a property manager requires excellent communication, organisation, and problem solving skills in order to handle all of the potential crises and challenges that may arise.

At Home James Property Management, we are professional property managers who can oversee your property on your behalf. We carry out a number of different services that are designed for efficient and reliable residential property management, giving you peace of mind. From ensuring your rental property adheres to appropriate regulations, to sourcing tenants and collecting rent, you can count on us for your property management needs.

Contact us today for more information about how we can help foster a trustworthy and prosperous relationship between you, a landlord, and your tenants.

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