If you own a rental property, then you have a responsibility to ensure that your property is adequately maintained, with functional facilities and systems. Not only is this crucial for your tenants, but untimely repairs can also be expensive.

Don’t worry, Homes James Property Management has got you covered – with our Auckland and Wellington rental property management, we can make sure that your property is kept maintained and functional. So, what are the best practices for maintenance and repairs as a rental property owner?

Scheduling Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial if you want to identify any problems as early as possible, allowing you to resolve found problems immediately. This can help save money in the long run, especially as you can prevent issues from worsening, which could lead to untimely and costly repairs. Scheduling maintenance, whether that’s on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually basis, guarantees a comfortable living environment for your tenants.

Scheduling Regular Inspections

Alongside maintenance, you should also consider arranging routine inspections of your rental property, with prior notice to your tenant. This offers the opportunity for you to discuss any issues or concerns with the tenant, as well as inspect the premises. You can arrange regular inspections, as well as move-in and move-out inspections.

Hire a Property Manager

Preventative maintenance is key to saving money when it comes to maintenance and repairs. With a property manager, such as one from HJPM, you can rest assured that your rental property is in capable hands in terms of its care and maintenance. After all, a property manager is tasked with overseeing the property as a whole, including conducting inspections and arranging maintenance and repairs on your behalf.

At Homes James Property Management, we provide professional services for Auckland and Wellington rental property management, including assistance and advice when it comes to maintenance and repairs. By working with a property manager from HJPM, we can oversee the maintenance and inspection of your property, ensuring that your rental property is properly maintained, impressing both existing and potential tenants.

For more information about our services, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us today.

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