If you are excited about the prospect of living in a large cosmopolitan city but reckon that buying a house there would be out of the question, one wise alternative strategy would be to explore the rental market in Auckland. We have offered would-be renters many appealing homes sitting in this bustling hub. 

Once you have moved into an Auckland rental home, it would be imperative for you to be a good tenant. Otherwise, you could struggle to get favourable references from a landlord when you apply for, say, a job or mortgage later down the line.

Be Open and Honest with the Landlord 

In some cases, a property manager may act in the landlord’s place. Homes James Property Management is one company that handles many duties on behalf of landlords owning rental homes in Auckland. 

Whether you deal with a landlord or property manager, remember to always turn up for your appointments with them and pay the rent on time. If you foresee an occasion when you won’t be in a position to do either, warn of this in advance so that an alternative arrangement can be made.

Treat the Home as Though You Own It

After all, that’s what the landlord would want you to do. If any permanent part of the house breaks, let the landlord know as soon as possible. That way, they will be able to get the issue rectified before it potentially worsens and, as a result, necessitates a heftier bill for repair work.

Be Careful if You Want to Make Changes to the House 

The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 enshrines your rights as a domestic renter and permits you to make minor changes to the home provided that, when you vacate it, it will be possible for it to be substantially reverted to its former condition. 

You can realistically anticipate hanging pictures and mirrors up on walls without objections from your landlord. Still, it would remain good practice for you to seek their express permission first.

Are you interested in searching the rental market in Auckland for your next home? We invite you to start by perusing the property listings here on the Home James Property Management website. To learn more about the specialist help we offer to prospective tenants, please call us on (09) 215 4102.

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