A renter, also known as a tenant, has rights and responsibilities to follow when renting a property from a landlord. To be a tenant, the person must have signed the tenancy agreement.

A tenancy agreement, also sometimes referred to as a lease, is a contract between the landlord and the tenant or tenants. It will come in writing and must signed by both the landlord and the tenants.

Tenants must communicate with the landlord about any damage or repairs which are needed on the property, as well as make an effort to keep the property clean and tidy. Meanwhile, tenants have the right to the “quiet enjoyment” of the property, which means that the landlord can’t interfere with a tenant’s right to reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of the property.

Tenants must ensure they do not cause any damage to the property. They even hold responsibility for damage caused by any guests they have over. As well as this, they must not disturb neighbours or other tenants.

Paying Rent & Bills

Part of the tenancy agreement involves the agreement to pay the landlord’s rent in order to live on the rental property. 

In addition, the tenant is responsible for paying the bills for the electricity, gas, water and internet to the appropriate companies, for what they are using on the property.

If a tenant was to fall behind in rent payments, then the landlord has the right to provide the tenant with a notice to pay the rent within two weeks. If the tenant fails to pay the rent within the set time then the landlord has the right to apply the tenancy tribunal to have the tenant removed.

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