You must foster the best possible relationship with anyone who agrees to become a tenant of your rental home. Otherwise, the tenant could grow disillusioned and decide to end their tenancy sooner than originally planned.

If this does happen, you will lose out financially. However, residential property management companies can take the following measures to help landlords stay on good terms with their tenants.

Provide All-Round Great Customer Service

As a buy-to-let investor, you might have many other pressing responsibilities besides looking after rental properties and tenants. Still, a tenant could garner a less-than-favourable impression of you if, after asking you for assistance, they have to wait several hours for any kind of response.

So, don’t be afraid to let a property management company act as the tenant’s first point of contact, as the staff would be able to promptly respond to the tenant’s queries on your behalf.

Quickly Act on Maintenance Issues as and When Necessary 

You can never be certain exactly when such issues will arise. Maybe the tenant starts hearing the sound of a leaking roof, or the boiler breaks down at an inopportune moment. In situations like these, the tenant could ask us for help.

Property management companies can have good, reliable tradespeople listed in their contacts — and, as a result, arrange for the tenant to receive maintenance assistance when they need it.

Request Feedback to Improve the Tenant Experience

The tenant could be pleasantly surprised to even be asked for this feedback, as it is a gesture that would indirectly reflect well on you, the property owner.

The tenant will see that you are proactively looking to seek out their thoughts and feelings about the property and that they’re not being treated as an afterthought. You can also learn whether they have any genuine grievances about the home and get ahead of any potential issues.

If it turns out that they do, you could reach out to them to address their concerns — but a property manager can still handle much of the legwork for you. To enquire about utilising any of our residential property management services in Auckland or Wellington, please call (09) 215 4102.

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