There’s no question that being a landlord or property owner is time consuming. The list of responsibilities to carry out is almost endless. From drafting up tenancy agreements to paying bills, carrying out inspections and resolving issues – when do the chores end? Finding downtime is a challenge. Really, you must unlock your time by hiring a property management company to do the legwork for you.

In Auckland and Wellington, we at Home James Property Management are one of the most effective residential property management companies in the industry! Here, discover how we shoulder the labour to drastically improve your free time:

  1. Tenant Screening

Good tenants make being a landlord very easy! To avoid problems in future, we screen and source quality tenants on your behalf. Your rental property will be well looked after as a result. This is an extensive process that includes verifying a tenant’s income, conducting background checks and examining rental histories.

  1. Rent Collection and Financial Management

We collect rent on your behalf, devise solutions for overdue or unpaid rent, and also engage in other financial management services. For example, leave the payment of bills, taxes and maintenance expenses to us. We can even provide detailed financial reports to keep you in the loop with your property.

  1. Legal Compliance

We work around the clock to ensure your property is compliant with Auckland, Wellington and New Zealand’s stringent rental regulations. When it comes to the oft-complicated matters of eviction, property maintenance and tenancy agreements, leave the legal intricacies in our capable hands. We hire qualified, in-house professionals dedicated to maintaining the legal compliance of your property and upholding tenant rights.

Out of all the residential property management companies in Auckland and Wellington, Home James Property Management is committed to both landlord and tenant on a personal, compassionate level. We do everything in our power to ensure the smooth running of a property to benefit both parties. Find out more about our services by getting in touch, today.

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