Are you researching a range of property management companies in Auckland and Wellington? Which of these businesses you partner with as a buy-to-let investor can make a surprisingly big difference to your profit margins.

Here are several reasons why we would be able to help you maximise your return on investment (ROI)…

We Know the Local Market

We know what kind of rent other landlords tend to charge on properties like your own. So, we can make sure that what you charge strikes a careful balance: enough to cover your overheads (and then some) but not so much that potential tenants think they would be getting bad value for money by renting from you.

We Can Help You to Find Tenants

An empty rental property won’t be making you any money. So, you want to not only attract tenants but also persuade them to stay for as long as possible (as long as they don’t turn out to be nuisances, of course — we’ll return to that subject in a moment).

We can advertise your property while showing its features to good advantage. That way, even when a tenant does leave, you could soon have another lined up.

We Can Screen Prospective Tenants for Quality

Who would count as ‘quality’ tenants? Those who take care of the property, routinely pay rent on time and do not violate the terms of the rental agreement.

We can screen any individuals who show an interest in renting your property. For example, we can look into their background — such as any recent instances of criminal behaviour — and undertake a credit check to investigate their financial health.

We Can Keep You Legally Compliant 

You don’t want to be caught out by nasty fees that could otherwise arise. Whatever legal requirements you need to meet as a landlord, we can help to ensure that you continue meeting them.

When it comes to maximising the ROI of rental property owners, we are among the best property management companies in Auckland and Wellington. If you are renting out (or planning to rent out) a home in either area, please reach out to us by calling (09) 215 4102.

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